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Nigerian boxing reject becomes world boxing champion

Alldamoney – In 2007 Anthony Joshua joined the bandwagon of foreign based sports persons returning home to represent their country for  the 2008 Olympic Games.

In his own case Nigeria which is the country of his mother, in order to connect with his root and represent them at the games.

But according to Jeremiah Okorodudu a former boxing champion, Joshua was rejected by Nigerian boxing officials nine years ago.
“He wanted a chance to compete for trials ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics qualifiers, but he was denied and not given a chance. “Disappointed, he went back to England to represent Great Britain. “He went on to win a gold that could have been a first for Nigeria at the Olympics. “If only they had allowed him to compete for Nigeria, that gold would have been a Nigerian gold and not Great Britain’s.”

The boxing rave of the moment who caught global attention after he beat Wladimir Klitschko, at the Wembley Stadium in England on Saturday, as
Okorodudu recalled that Joshua whose other names are “Oluwafemi Olaseni come from Ogun state in Nigeria,”  said. “When he visited, his intention was to represent Nigeria at the Olympics but he was denied in the trials. He had no other option than to go to Britain. “It’s Nigeria’s loss, Britain’s gain.

Another side of the story as reported by Nwankpa and Samson Aransiola coaches in charge at the games camp in 2007  say, Joshua actually contacted the team that he wanted to represent Nigeria at the Olympics Games. They agreed for him to join the camp of other boxers in Nigeria so that they could examine him properly. But he refused.

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