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Russian Nazi sympathizer Lynched by Mexican Mob in Cancun

Aleksei Viktorovich Makeev avowed Nazi sympathizer got to people's nerve in Mexico and was met with  jungle justice.

He kept uploading videos of himself on his personal YouTube channels surrounded by swastikas.
He made a hobby of disparaging Mexicans, speaking disrespectfully about indigenous women and infants. Known as #LordNaziRuso on social media or Lord Russian Nazi he posted  rude drawings that read “lick my dick Mexican piece of shit.

Previously in a video filmed inside the local McDonald’s he was shown calling Mexicans shit, saying he was going to kill them and cut off their heads. Also there are videos showing him giving babies the middle finger, throwing coins at an old woman in a grocery store, hitting another elderly lady inside a bank, and stepping on children’s lunch on the beach.
Makeev who is originally from the small town of Elektrostal, on the outskirts of Moscow first made a name for himself when his video went viral online that showed him shoving an elderly woman and child.

However, after local media began circulating his videos mob descended on his home Friday first he laughed at the angry crowd that had begun to phone him and cover his Facebook wall with angry comments.
But Just past noon on Friday, Makeev posted on Facebook that he was “feeling adventurous,” along with the comment that “Terrorists are trying to kill me!” that was the straw that broke the camel’s back as mob troop to his house.
A mob of roughly 100 angry Mexicans in Cancun, the popular tourist destination on the coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico chanted were going to decapitate you.
And an unarmed teenager was stabbed in the process, after the teen attempted to enter Makeev’s apartment.
A man was heard shouting kill him as the bloodied 42-year-old Russian fled the interior of his home for a nearby rooftop while the mob pelted him with large rocks and jeered. When the Russian finally collapsed, covered in his own blood the townspeople finally left him for dead.
Earlier that night before the riot started   the police came but left saying they couldn’t do anything because the man was locked inside his home, but returned with backup when the riotous fighting was well under way.  By then the situation had become unmanageable.
As paramedics, transported Makeev’s unconscious bloody body to the hospital (it was reported he did not die) smiling Mexicans cheered and screamed insults at him with some chanting, “Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!”

The statement from the National Immigration Institute said that it would seek the Russians repatriation back to Russia as soon as his legal situation in Mexico is determined.

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