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Brain Injuries concern growing while the NFL keeps Making Money

Brain Injuries concern growing even while the NFL is Making Money

Even though the NFL’s biggest source of revenue is guaranteed and ever-increasing. With those massive ever coming national television deals, parents are keeping their children out of the sport based on concerns over brain injuries.
According to the research center, Aspen Institute from 2008 to 2016 the number of young people who play American football decreased evidently from evidence that players unavoidably suffer brain damage.

The study gave evidence that too much American football is seriously damaging the brains of players. The combination of athleticism and intricate tactics suggest a link between the sport and brain injury.

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Scientists at the Boston University in Massachusetts Brain Bank, where brains and other tissue are stored and studied are said to be studying a kind of brain injury known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy which is caused by collisions that push the brain around inside the skull.
Although teams are reportedly experimenting with a new kind of helmet that has an outer layer that gives slightly instead of a rigid plastic shell.
This type of helmets thuds when they clash rather than crack, and they come with deeper layers of support inside. This should reduce the damage, although it cannot eliminate it.
Most analysts, though, believe that brain damage is unavoidable because of the feature of game, huge players colliding into each other are the point of the game, and head trauma cannot be designed out. Helmets were developed in the 1950s to try to protect players, but it is the helmet-to-helmet collisions that produce the most jarring concussions.
The study was carried out using brains of 202 former players who donated their brains for research, played at high school, college or professional levels.
CTE was found in 177 of the 202 brains. The scientists found especially high rates of CTE in the brains of former National Football League, or NFL, players.Of the players studied, 110 showed signs of CTE which include behavioral or mood problems during their lifetimes. Many also suffered from dementia.

One of the lead researchers Amy McKee concluded that even CTE can affect even the brains of young people, therefore “They [helmets] will never be the solution for CTE.They may make it less likely, but it is always going to be a risk once you have head contact," she said.

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