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Iraqi Kurds vote in historic referendum, while the Biafran struggle continues

After decades of struggling for independence Kurdish population, who make up only 15-20% of Iraq’s population are set for a historic vote. About 2,065 polling stations are open for People in Iraq's autonomous region of Kurdistan to vote in the independence referendum, amid rising tensions and international opposition.

According to the election commission a total of 5.6 million people is eligible to vote in Kurdistan and other Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Iraq.
Meanwhile, the struggle for the creation of a Biafran state in Nigeria has come under a massive crackdown by the federal government in recent times over there. The Biafran agitation was caused by the genocide committed against the Igbos and other Biafrans living in the north in revenge of what the northerners termed the assassination of northern leaders by a group of young soldiers led by Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, an Igbo in Nigeria's first military coup early on 15 January 1966 which was followed by another coup that resulted in the death of the new head of state Major Gen Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi, also an Igbo, the same year.

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Between 1967 and 1970 Nigeria fought a civil war that resulted in the death of over 2 million Igbos.  The federal authorities asserted that the war was to preserve the “territorial integrity” of Nigeria.  

Recently, though, intensified inter­national lobby of the UN to facilitate a plebiscite for the people of Biafra to decide if they would continue to be part of a united Nigeria or have their separate country is  on the rise.

Polls opened in most areas between the northern city of Erbil and the capital Baghdad, as at 05:00 GMT where Voters will be asked: "Do you want the Kurdistan region and Kurdish areas outside the region to become an independent state?" to answer yes or no
The Kurds numbering 30 million are sandwiched between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria and is the largest ethnic group left stateless when Britain and France, the colonial powers who won World War One, carved up the Ottoman Empire.

Official results of the independence referendum, which Israel is the only nation to have openly supported is expected by Tuesday.

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