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What next for dreamers? Trump crush DACA program

protests erupts around the country

About 800,000 young adults brought to the United States illegally as children who qualify for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will now be eligible for deportation. On Tuesday, President Trump ordered an end to the Obama-era program which shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation, calling it an “amnesty-first approach” and urging Congress to pass a replacement before he begins phasing out its protections in six months. The Obama era policy allows them to remain without fear of immediate removal from the country and gives them the right to work legally.

President Trump’s through Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the decision to scrap the program, calling it an “open-ended circumvention of immigration laws” and an unconstitutional use of executive authority.
In a prior statement president Trump said “I do not favor punishing children for the actions of their parents,” But we must recognize that while we are a nation of opportunities we are also a nation of laws.” Trump further said he was driven by concerns for “millions of Americans victimized by the unfair system which denied jobs to them.

The impact of the President's move is already being felt across the country, with protesters seen outside the White House, Trump’s New York Tower and around the country. Business leaders and celebrities have also criticized the move as unfair and cruel.  Barack Obama in a Facebook post said that Trump was targeting a vulnerable community that had done nothing wrong.
Former President Bill Clinton joined Obama in calling Trump's decision "cruel" Clinton's statement also called on Congress to act immediately to "protect their status and pave the way for their future and America's future."
Former Vice President Joe Biden also criticized Trump's move. Biden tweeted

Obama slams Trump for rescinding DACA

But few hours after the angry reaction to his decision, president Trump appeared to have changed his mind. Mr. Trump specifically called on Congress in a late-evening tweet, to “legalize DACA,” something his administration officials had declined to do earlier.
Meanwhile, despite the bipartisan support for measures to legalize unauthorized immigrants brought to the United States as children, Legislation to protect the “dreamers” has repeatedly died in Congress the odds to reach an immigration deal in a deeply divided Congress appear long.

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