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These are the 5 HIGHEST PAID FREELANCE JOBS in 2017

The highest paid FREELANCE JOBS in year 2017

For people who want to work from home, freelancing is one of the best careers out there as there exist hundreds of freelance job opportunities available on the internet.

Companies all over the world are searching for people to do different types of jobs therefore, if you possess such skills you can work for these companies & make good income.

However, while there are many freelance job opportunities available on dozens of freelance sites you can limit your scope by checking out these 5 jobs that comes with a good paycheck-

1. Programmer
There are tons of demands for computer programmers and Computer programming jobs is on the rise these days. A freelance programmer can expect to make up to $80 per hour. Find a company that needs your skill and get yourself a flexible, long-term job.

2. Graphic Designer
Top graphic designers can make up to $75 per hour, so If you are born with the talent for arts and design, here you go.. Consider specializing in infographics because (most) people hate to look at stats. Infographics give people a helpful way to visualize that chunk of information.

3. Marketing
You could make between $46 and $52 per hour working freelance if you have a background in marketing. Probably you’ll be involved in forming overall strategies for brands, utilizing social and other forms of media, and working on relationships with customers. Find a company needs and start.
4. Financial Trader
There are growing number of people trading the financial markets and making good income from home, you could make between $80and $100 per, doing it from your laptop or mobile apps. And for those who don’t like to read numbers, charts or figure’s, there are advanced technologies today, so therefore you can trade the financial markets without reading all those complicated charts or numbers. These powerful software and systems allow ordinary people with no financial background to start trading profitably, using less time a day. That’s why making money trading from home is getting more popular.
5. Translator
There are translation jobs out there for you if you're lucky enough to know three (or more) languages. Translating to and from Korean, Malay – English pays well, as does Spanish-English translation. There are opportunities for almost every language combination for those who want to try it out. Depending on the task, your skill level, and the languages involved you can make anywhere between $25 to $40 an hour,.
Now, you can start to learn how you can make money doing freelancing, and make potential few thousand US dollars in a month's time.

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