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Trump aim at North Korea, Islamist militants, Iran and Venezuela at the UN general meeting

President trump's speech at the UN around 10:30 New York time (14:30 GMT) is expected to call for more international pressure on North Korea over its ambitious nuclear weapons program. Other issues that will be discussed include Islamist militants, Iran and Venezuela, according to a White House official.
The Officials said Trump would tell UN member states to quickly act against North Korea's "destabilizing, and dangerous behavior".

Although on Monday, North Korea's said more sanctions and pressure would only make it fast-track its nuclear program. North Korea has conducted its sixth nuclear test earlier this month and did carry out repeated missile tests this despite international condemnation.
With Iran who last week was said to have "violated the spirit of" a 2015 deal aimed to stop it from developing a nuclear weapon. The US president who is a critic of the agreement will use the gathering to convey concern over Iran.
When asked about his message this week “Make the United Nations great,” the president told reporters, riffing off his campaign slogan. “Make America great again”. I think we’ll be able to do this he said.

President Trump also hinted that the United States might cut part of its funding to the UN prompting the world body Secretary General Antonio Guterres to respond that if the US withdraws from international affairs the void left will be filled by others.
Several days of diplomacy devoted to reforming the institution with a focus on reducing its bureaucracy is underway. On Tuesday, President Trump will present a vision of U.S. engagement with the world in a maiden address that aides said will focus on advancing democracy abroad.

Amid mounting global challenges, foreign leaders keep watching Trump’s moment on the world stage for signals about his willingness to maintain the United States’ traditional leadership role among the body of nations.

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