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British government push to regulate Google,Twitter and Facebook

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A spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said Britain is looking at the role of Google, Facebook and Twitter play in the provision of news and what their responsibilities and legal status should be.

The policy is part of May’s June 2017 election manifesto that promised a digital charter "that balances freedom with protection for users, and offers opportunities alongside obligations for businesses and platforms."
With this work Facebook and Twitter could be asked to pay for action against the "undeniable suffering" social media cause such as, Cyber-bullying, trolling, abuse and under-age access to porn.

According to  the government, about a fifth of 11 to 15-year-olds have seen something worrying or nasty, and almost half of adults have seen something that has upset or offended them, on social media.
Also a report on Tuesday by consultants Enders Analysis said 6.5 million British internet users claimed to mainly source their news from Facebook alone.
Therefore Industry experts say social media organizations should be held responsible for the content on their platforms as the number of people who get their news through it see these giant internet media as publishers and not just platforms, meaning they could be regulated like traditional news providers.
A government spokesman told reporters "We are looking at the role twitter and Facebook play in the news environment,” as part of the commitment to produce a digital charter that sets out how firms and individuals should behave online. "As part of that work we will look carefully at the roles, responsibility and legal status of the major internet platforms."
"Social media companies are marking their own homework when it comes to keeping children safe, so a code of practice is definitely a step in the right direction but 'how' it is implemented will be crucial.
"Young people face a unique set of risks when using the internet and it is important any strategy recognizes the challenges they face online and requires industry to act to protect them." He said

The government also wants social-media safety advice built into existing education programs at schools, to promote online safety among students. Although consultation on the issue is still ongoing till 7 December after which government will respond to its outcome by early 2018.

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