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Catalonia declares independence as Madrid weighs response

Catalan lawmakers voted to declare independence from Spain. Regional parliament voted to become a sovereign independent state against Spain’s wishes in Barcelona. This comes after 2.2 million Catalans voted to leave Spain through a referendum held on 1st of October.

Squeezed by irreconcilable demands from hardliners and authorities based in Madrid, Catalonia’s brave push for independence reached its peak when regional President Carles Puigdemont began to push for a referendum which drew criticisms from regional and world leaders.
Measures to ask all nations and institutions to recognize the Catalan Republic was included in the resolution submitted to vote and Parliament in Barcelona approved the resolution therefore putting forth a new independent republic from Spain.
After the secret ballot parliament speaker Carme Forcadell said “We constitute the Catalan Republic, as an independent and sovereign country, under the rule of law,”

Nevertheless the dramatic vote also laid deep divisions over independence among Catalan lawmakers, an anti-secessionist lawmaker, Carlos Carrizosa, tore up a copy of the proposed declaration and castigated the other parliamentarians in the process.
After the announcement Spain called an urgent Cabinet meeting to study the situation and weigh on government’s response, which is expected to include seeking a ruling against the Catalan declaration from Spain’s constitutional court. The Oct. 1 independence referendum was ruled illegal by the court.
And with what appeared to be a veiled threat Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who has long denounced the region’s independence drive as illegal, coupled an appeal for nationwide order
“I call on all Spaniards to remain calm,” he said on Twitter. “The rule of law will restore legality to Catalonia.”


The Spanish Senate is expected to vote on measures that will give Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to take over the Catalan administration via Article 155 of the constitution and oust rebel leaders.
Separatist lawmakers broke into the Catalan anthem after the vote while

opposition parties boycotted the vote.

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