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How US soldiers came under attack that resulted in Sgt La David Johnson death in Niger

The true picture of how Sgt. La David Johnson 25, assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) on Fort Bragg (U.S. Army) died from wounds sustained during enemy contact remains unclear nearly three weeks after the deadly ambush on U.S. Special Ops forces in Niger.
Even as, survivors' accounts provided in separate interviews gave chilling overall details about how his death happened.

According to both sources, what started as a reconnaissance mission to meet with local leaders turned into a kill-or-capture mission aimed at a high value target codenamed Naylor Road with  ties to both al Qaeda and ISIS ” he's a top US target that the CIA has been actively pursuing in Niger”.

The team on their way back, they received a call from the base in Niamey, to turn around and kill or capture the high-value al Qaeda and ISIS operative.
According to sources, the team of 12 Americans and 30 Nigerien soldiers set out early that Oct. 3 morning headed from Niger’s capital Niamey, to the village of Tiloa 85 kilometers to the north of Niger riding in eight vehicles.

On getting there they found nothing at the target location when they arrived early morning of Oct. 4. Therefore, they headed back south as the sun came up after burning the remnants of an abandoned campsite later stopping at a nearby Tongo village at about 8:30 AM.

Getting there, U.S. Soldiers had a session with village elders while the Nigerien force requested to eat, which lasted till about midday before the group departed the village. Just over a few hundred yards past, there they came under fire from machine guns, mortars, and rocket-propelled grenades according to surviving witnesses.

Witnesses said the unit began returning fire, using machine guns mounted on two of the American vehicles. One vehicle was hit by a mortar and another vehicle was disabled by gunfire.

The unit requested support one hour into the fight and shortly after, French Special Forces based in Ouagadougou of neighboring Burkina Faso responded with attack helicopters.

The scenery surrounding Johnson’s death was not revealed, but it wasn’t until two days later on the evening of Oct. 6, according to witness that Johnson’s body was found recovered by Nigerien troops.

According to senior officials, the White House was notified as soon as there was a report of a missing soldier. And all resources were disposed towards getting to the missing soldier.

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