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Hurricane Ophelia Hit Ireland Grounding Planes and killing 2

heavy wind in ireland

Hundreds of Ryanair, IAG SA’s Aer Lingus and British Airways flights are set to be grounded and more cancellations coming into place as 150-kilometer (90-mile) per hour winds from Storm Ophelia slammed into Ireland and reportedly killing two people in the southerly parts of the country making it the most extreme weather Ireland has experienced for decades.

According to the Reuters news agency the storm now officially a post-tropical cyclone knocked down a tree which hit a woman in her 50s inside her car killing her in the process.

Police also confirmed a man in his 30s; the second victim wounded himself with a chainsaw while trying to remove a fallen tree from a road in County Tipperary he died shortly after getting to the hospital.

For last updates to  its website as of 12:25 p.m. Irish time, Ryanair halted 92 flights across Europe, while  Aer Lingus and low-cost rival EasyJet Plc canceled 50 services each even as  British Airways announced that stormy weather will cause disruptions in the U.K., including a “small number” of cancellations at London Heathrow airport.

Europe’s biggest airline Ryanair has its base in Ireland, which serves as an important aviation market other airlines in the region and a refueling platform for some flights across the Atlantic.
Irish authorities are planning for significant flood damage and severe transport disruptions therefore issuing warnings to people to remain indoors during this period.  

Authorities from the U.K.’s Met Office weather agency have also deemed the weather a potential risk to life.  

Cityjet Air France-KLM Group’s airline dropped three flights while Deutsche Lufthansa AG called off two, which affected about 500 passengers. On its part Flybe Group Plc halted 47 flights primarily around Belfast City, Dublin, Knock and the Isle of Man. And Norwegian Air Shuttle AS announced its routes from Dublin to Oslo and Copenhagen have been canceled.
Powerful winds have been widely recorded; with gusts measured at almost

120mph. the storm will cause floods and storm as said by the Irish


The Video below by the Coastal defense in Galway show sea water streaming

through the streets, in the west coast Area.


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