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Anti-Israel Protests Burst: Europe Refuses To Recognize Israel's Claim Over Jerusalem

protest erupt in jerusalem due to U.S policy to recorgnize it as isreal capital

President Trump's unilateral move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has opened several new fronts in the decades-old battle. The U.S. President surprised the world on Wednesday when he made the announcement.
The status of Jerusalem, home to sites holy for the Muslim, Jewish and Christian religions has been one of the thorniest issues in long-running peace efforts.
Israel considers the city, its eternal and indivisible capital while the Palestinians want the capital of an independent Palestinian state to be in the city's eastern sector, which Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War and annexed in a move never recognized internationally.

Though Trump is the first president to follow through on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he is not the first US president to announce they would make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Every American president, every American candidate did promise to do the same particularly to the pro-Zionist lobby.
But the dramatic shift in Washington's Jerusalem policy by the Trump Administration triggered violence around the world after past day’s confrontations between Palestinians and the Israeli police which the militant group Hamas warned of more violence to follow.

a city at war
Jerusalem will other countries follow the U.S and recognize it as Israels Capital

On Monday morning all eyes were on the Palestinian territories, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, even as demonstrations continued in the occupied Palestinian territories, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Indonesia, Iraq and countries around the world including one attended by thousands of people in Bangladesh.
While the Malaysian defense minister said that the United States' decision is "a slap in the face for the entire Muslim world", pointing out that his country's military is prepared to perform its duty if its services are required.
"We have to be prepared for any possibilities. The ATM [Malaysian Armed Forces] always were ready, waiting for instructions from the top leadership," the Malaysian state news agency Bernama quoted Hishammuddin Hussein as saying. "Let us pray that this dispute would not lead to chaos," Hussein added.

Trump recognized the 1995 decision by Congress called the Jerusalem Embassy Act, in announcing that Jerusalem would be home to a U.S. embassy.

However, other world powers such as France, Britain, Turkey, Russia and China have all called Mr. Trump's decision a wrong move.

Even as calls by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to other countries to follow suit and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was rejected by European foreign ministers.

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