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Update on the 2018 World Cup Draw

The 2018 World Cup draw which took place on Friday at the Kremlin unveiled valuable information of massive global interest in the soccer world.

The eyes of the world turned to Moscow for the Friday’s draw, which determines the eight first-round groups with the World Cup 6 1/2 months away.

Group A

Teams: Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Russia and Saudi Arabia will play the opening game of the World Cup followed by Uruguay and Egypt in a group that is quite nicely balanced.

Group B

Teams: Portugal, Spain, Iran, Morocco

Portugal and Spain will expect to make it through though Morocco and Iran should not be underestimated.

Group C

Teams: France, Peru, Denmark, Australia

An ideal group for France and Peru, as Australia does not have a coach presently while Denmark is anyone’s dream team to play.

Group D

Teams: Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria

Argentina has talents, Nigeria tremendous strength, Croatia has an abundance of individual talent and Iceland is a team on the rise. This group is surely the most interesting group for sure.

Group E

Teams: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

On paper this a sure group for Brazil, but football is not played on paper but on the field so anything can Serbia, Switzerland and Costa Rica are definitely not a walkover team. Maybe time will tell.

Group F

Teams: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

Its a smooth sail for Germany and Sweden bearing that South Korea and Mexico don’t possess the quality to stop the reigning champion.

Group G

Teams: Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama

England and Belgium should have a straight shootout between them in this group compared to unknown quantities Panama and Tunisia.

Group H

Teams: Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan

   Poland and Colombia will harbor ambitions of finishing first. Japan and Senegal will both fight to get in the Round of 16 this Group is the most evenly spread of all the groups.

FIFA’s October world ranking determined the seeded teams of the tournament, which runs from June 14 through July 15 in 11 Russian cities (12 stadiums). Despite being No. 65 on the ranking Russia was seeded as the host taking up a place in world football elites.
Russia will open the 64-match event in Moscow against Saudi Arabia.

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