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Actress who Bit Beyonce at JAY-Z’s December live performance party Reveled

who bit beyonce
After days of guessing the identification of the actress who allegedly bit Beyonce at JAY-Z’s December live performance party in Los Angeles. The biter has been revealed Laying to rest the mystery of the now-infamous Beyonce biter.
In case you missed whole gist, in an interview with GQ, “Girls Trip” megastar Tiffany Haddish says she went to a party after a Jay-Z live performance in LA past December. At one point, Haddish says, she noticed Beyoncé seize Jay-Z and hurried off. When Haddish asked what had occurred, a friend of Beyoncé’s told her: “Can you believe this person just bit Beyoncé?”

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 Then came Harris doing some digging. The 23-yr-vintage Emerson grad is a news and popular culture blogger for New York Magazine’s Vulture phase. She became famous writing about cops and crime for Boston.Com, and she happens to be a large fan of Beyoncé.
Ultimately, a witness reveled that Haddish had mentioned the Beyoncé biting incident at a stand-up show in Jacksonville this January, however she gave out an crucial info: She stated that the biter dated French Montana which directed attention to “Love & Basketball” celebrity Lathan, who’s been romantically connected to Montana.

Lathan then responded with a tweet of her own: “Y’all are humorous. Under no occasions did I bite Beyonce and if I did it'd’ve been a love chunk.”

 That was enough for Harris, and lots of others, to conclude that Lathan is the wrongdoer.
It’s an excessive amount of,” Harris said. “[Lathan] waited too lengthy to disclaim it, “I’m certain it became a playful bite, however you shouldn’t bite Beyoncé. What is wrong with you?”

So let’s all give a shout-out to Hunter Harris for assisting to resolve this Beyonce mystery.

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