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Ford Recalls the Fusion and Lincoln MKZ Model Cars for Loosening Steering Wheels

ford order recall
The Ford Fusion 

Ford Motor stated that it has ordered a safety recall for the 2014 via 2018 model of Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans totaling approximately 1.38 million. A failure to correctly affix steering wheels has brought about the recall of the cars in North America.

Officials revealed that the loose steering wheel bolts detaching could result in the steering wheel pulling off  from the steering  handle ," according to a statement released by Ford.

affected cars, the wheel bolt may not be tightly secured and may loosen through the years. When it’s not properly affixed the steering wheel could detach from the car, causing the driving force to lose the potential to control the car.
Earlier in October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration commenced probing proceedings of loose steering wheels in Ford Fusion sedans, which includes a report of  one coming loose whilst a driver attempted to go into a gas station.

Dealers will replace the steering wheel bolt on the automobile with a longer bolt "with extra strong thread engagement and large nylon patch located nicely for the correct torque retention — free of charge to  customers," To deal with the difficulty, the automaker said in a news release.

Also in February, Ford warned owners of more than 36,000 2006 Ranger pickup vans to halt riding their motors due to the fact that they featured the Takata Corp. Air bags which have a delicate danger of explosion.

Faulty Takata air bags have beset almost every car manufacturer and brought about the biggest Auto recall in the History of U.S.
Meanwhile the global director of Ford’s automotive protection office may be amongst those expected to testify next week before a Senate panel scrutinizing the air-bag recall.

Ford's other recall pronounced on Wednesday applies to approximately 6,000 particular models of Ford Focus and Ford Fusion cars in the U.S. and Canada.

Ford also stated that it is aware of two accidents, one which ended with an injury, supposedly connected with this problem.

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