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Meet Ex Arsenal Player who is now the Worlds Richest Footballer

Football normally referred to as soccer is known to be the most well-known sports in the world and with this recognition, comes plenty of money.
Footballers are also known to be the richest humans for their money-spinning deals and massive income.

 So if you, a fan of the sport is requested to name the best earners in football your thoughts immediately swerve to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar - now not Mathieu Flamini or will you consider him?  The Ex-Arsenal midfielder and French professional turned environmental entrepreneur.

Lionel Messi earns £26 million ($33.4 million) a year from his cutting-edge agreement renewal with Barcelona. He additionally makes £21 million ($27 million) a yr through endorsing brands Adidas, Pepsi, Gillette, and Turkish Airlines. His total net worth totals approximately $501 million.

While Ronaldo’s net worth is about $614 million wherein he mostly rely upon his earnings thru soccer leagues. And minor component that originates from endorsements.

Born 7 March 1984 Mathieu Flamini spent five years at AC Milan among his stints
 in north London, making 128 appearances for the Serie A club.
He began his profession as a youngster at Marseille before breaking into the senior team in the course of the 2003-04 seasons and signed for Arsenal in that summer. He also has three caps for France.

Over the past years the ex-Arsenal has spent millions of dollars on scientific research trials that made important breakthroughs in the energy sector.
Just recently a company, he co - own GF Biochemicals, announced that they had become the first company in the world that can mass produce Levulinic Acid that can replace oil pushing his net worth to about $2 billion.

The firm employs about eighty people in the company GF Biochemicals plant in Caserta, with around 400 people making a living thanks to the Frenchman and his business partner Pasquale Granata.
The Frenchman has been out of contract ever since he left Crystal Palace last season before signing for Spanish club Getafe at the start of the present season.

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