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Honda Unveil Jet of Innovation for Top Class Travel

Honda customers received 43 of its business jets the Hondajet making it the top-selling model for the year 2017. The HA-420 was designed by Honda Aircraft Company in Japan but developed and manufactured in Greensboro, North Carolina United States.
The Ultra small jets carry fewer than ten people, including the pilot and they are mainly used to travel between cities by wealthy individuals.

The Jet which has seven seats is priced at $4.5 million and comes with impressive performance such as a 26-minute climb to 43,000 feet, and  a certified top speed of 422 knots true that beats rivals by 20 knots or more.

The Jet also beats most competitors on fuel burn in cruise flight, typically around 610 pounds (about 91 gallons) per hour. The planes efficiency is partly due to the over-the-wing engine mount that was among the design's key innovations.
This gives it more space inside and makes it quieter than rival aircraft, which have engines attached to the body.

HONDA Ultra small jets The Hondajet

The light business jet company even beat U.S. rival Cessna Aircraft that delivered only 39 of its mainstay Citation M2 jets last year.
Honda had over 100 orders for the jet; it supplied just 23 in 2016, the first year that production was fully up and running.
Making the Jet is made in U.S. confirmed the country as the world’s largest market for business jets.

Data from Washington-based General Aviation Manufacturers Association show that a total of 676 business jets were delivered in 2017, up 1.3% from a year before, the first rise in three years. It was just half the figure for the peak year of 2008.

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