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How the Austin bomber was caught by police in Texas

Mark Anthony Conditt who left the explosive packages that killed two human beings became the white man police in Austin, Texas, was looking for, when they realized something “they were being made from usual household substances”.  The revelation brought on investigators to hit the region's shops scanning receipts and looking for tips.

An investigative reporter for the Austin American-Statesman, said  "New Day "Agents fanned out throughout the city of Austin going to big box retail stores as well as locally owned stores trying to determine whether or not there were suspicious purchases,"." They were "going through receipts and going through sales records from those stores."

And guess what? It worked the quest provided investigators with evidence.

 From witness interviews the cops were  able to make a sketch of the suspect and then a Federal search warrant were then received to get the person's IP address, which showed that he'd been making "suspicious" Google searches the officer said.
On Tuesday the big break came, when the 24-year suspect went to a FedEx store in south Austin and shipped an explosive device with all his activities captured on a security video.

"Police say they used that as the final piece to put everything together, within the time frame,"

Then a listing of phone numbers and people that were in the vicinity of the bombings, was compiled by Investigators using cellular-website analysis and excessive-tech computing systems which can hit upon patterns of callers, NBC News mentioned.
Hours later Conditt turned on his cellular cellphone, permitting authorities to hone in on his location.

Conditt was tracked in a hotel in Round Rock, about 20 miles north of Austin, when the car he was driving was spotted in the area.

He observed being watched and took off in his vehicle. Police gave him a chase and after driving for some time he stopped after which the suspect detonated a device inside his vehicle. The suspect suffered "huge injuries," and later died from the blast while he blast knocked down and injured one officer.

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