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Major UK and EU Brexit Agreements Leading to the EU disintegration Reached

brexit negotiation
Michel Barnier and David Davis
Michel Barnier and David Davis both Brexit Negotiators said a Brexit deal has been reached .The deal said to be an implementation period pact and is “decisive" in the Brexit process which is conditional on both sides agreeing to a final withdrawal treaty which would smoothen the path to a future permanent relationship.

The main phases of the agreement reached in Brussels include:

- The transitional time table will start from the 29th of March 2019 Brexit day to 31 December 2020

- EU citizens arriving within the UK between these dates will enjoy the same privileges and guarantees as people who arrive earlier afore Brexit. The same will relate to UK expats on the continent

- The UK will be capable of negotiating, signing and ratifying its trade deals within the duration of the transition period.

-The UK will nevertheless still be part to current EU trade deals with other nations.

-The UK's stake of fishing catch may be guaranteed all through the transition period even as it will effectively stay part of the Common Fisheries Policy, yet without a direct say in its policies, till after 2020

-Northern Ireland will efficaciously still be a component of the single market system and the customs union in absence of other settlements to evade it from a difficult border situation with the Republic of Ireland

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council since 2014 in a letter to the European Council parliament said "more work" is needed on certain commitments included in the agreement and that safeguards for Ireland could be agreed as part of the overall future economic and security partnership.

High hope exist that the terms of the UK and EU agreement on the transitional period would  be signed off by Mrs May's fellow 27 leaders at the EU summit this week as stated by Mr Tusk.

Video : Brexit transition deal

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