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Married Mom Raped on-board Flight Says Airline Offered Her $5K

A 31-yr-old married mom named Aubrey Lane, from Colorado who claims she was raped while on an American Airlines Flight from Phoenix to New York and that the accused man responsible has not been arrested since last June.
The real property agents’ associate from Colorado Springs, Colorado stated that several hours into the flight, she went in to use the rest room. There, Lane stated she become trapped within the lavatory and was raped by an intoxicated guy who’d been sitting next to her during the flight.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News Lane stated. “My first notion was that this man's is under the influence of alcohol. He became extremely chatty,' 'I've flown plenty. I'm used to human beings saying hello. This is the maximum anybody has sat down and started out to speak me to me."

After the incident Lane said she right away told the flight attendants about what happened and that instead they immediately moved her away to a seat behind the air plane.
"I was feeling overwhelmed," she said. "All of a sudden, I was thrown in a middle seat, bawling. On top of being sad and hurt and scared, I was also embarrassed."
Authorities were moved in to meet the aircraft at the gate as it landed in New York; however the most they did was taking her to a health facility.

She said while she further pushed the case American Airlines labeled the alleged attack as a “nuisance claim” and presented her with $5,000 for her problem.
Lane agreed to share her story with the newspaper to raise awareness about sexual misconducts aboard commercial aircraft.
She stated “I would really like to see some type of human reaction,” “I would love them to acknowledge that is a problem.”

FBI officers did now not return the newspaper’s request for comment as investigation on the allegations is ongoing.  Even though in line with her attorneys Lane has tried to meet with American Airlines reps so as  talk about the incident, however the airline declined  to respond ,  based on the an ongoing FBI probe.

Rape victim says airline offered her $5000 for ‘nuisance

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