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Spanish Police Break up Gang as Nigerian Women sex Trafficking Reach Crisis Level

Nigerian prostitutes in Italy

Sex trafficking in ladies resembles the ancient dehumanizing slave trafficking and lately has become the quickest growing human rights violation visible globally.  Sex trafficking described as a type of violence perpetrated on women that takes place in numerous settings and generally entails many unique actors.

It’s generally called present day slavery because in most cases it includes involuntary servitude even though numerous countries have tough anti-trafficking regulation in order to tackle Sex trafficking  such laws are often no longer enforced to check the sex trafficking menace partly due to very influential personalities involved in this disgraceful act.

The trafficking of Nigerian girls from Libya to Italy by means of boat for sex has reached “disaster” levels; in recent days an underage sufferer filed a report with the police, in Spain stating that she was compelled into trafficking through voodoo threats made in Nigeria.

The victims were kept in "squalid situations in caves" and intimidated with voodoo threats according to Europol.
The menace had earlier prompted an investigation in Europe lead by the UK's National Crime Agency which flew to Barcelona to meet Mossos, the Catalan police, who conducted the investigation into the Supreme Eiye Confraternity (SEC) a gang, said to be responsible.

A member of the gang being led away

The Supreme Eiye Confraternity (SEC) gang individuals who involve in the act do have International network connections throughout 3 continents of Europe, Africa and the Middle East and pressure women into sex with strangers in order to repay about  30,000 euro ($37,000; £26,000) debt said to be money used in bringing them to Europe.

However recently about Eighty-nine people, together with a well-known but yet unnamed Nigerian DJ, was arrested in a raid. The DJ is stated to have helped circulate victims to Spain and arrange sexual exploitation throughout the continent.
Information  passed over to the NCA, along partners in Madrid, helped conduct the  investigation into the gang, which led to the arrests. This is a first-rate blow to the SEC, however in no way will it stop them.

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