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Two Women who alleges affair with Trump Sues to Break Silence

Karen McDougal the former Playboy model, who said she had an adulterous affair with Donald Trump, sued Tuesday to be freed from a 2016 legal pact that required her to keep silent concerning the affair.

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The Model is suing a company The National Enquirer, American Media Inc., whose CEO is Mr. Trump’s. friend that paid her a hundred and fifty dollars to remain silent.

Stephanie Clifford, is another girl, she is linked to the adult entertainment industry and  also filled a suit earlier this month. She was paid a hundred and thirty dollars to keep silent by the president’s personal legal adviser, Michael D. Cohen.

While Mr. Trump has denied the affairs with both ladies, they argue that their contracts are invalid, as they are seeking to get around a clause which requires them to settle disputes in secretive arbitration lawsuits in place of an open courtroom.

In the lawsuit, McDougal claims Trump’s private legal adviser, Michael Cohen, misled her in the deal and was secretly involved with AMI’s case settlement for her story.
McDougal’s attorney Peter Stris said “The lawsuit filed today by her client is in  pursuits to restore her  to own her voice,”. “We intend to invalidate the so-called contract that American Media Inc. Imposed on Karen so she will move ahead with the private life she merits.”

Ms. McDougal filed her case days earlier before Ms. Clifford was to be on “60 Minutes” to speak about her dating with Mr. Trump and the efforts Mr. Cohen undertook on his employers behalf to pay for her silence.

Mr. Trump joined the legal effort past week seeking some $20 million in penalties tied to Ms. Clifford’s agreement.

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