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Why Lionel Messi was booed when Argentina played Italy

Lionel Messi was booed by disappointed fans that came to watch Argentina play Italy in a friendly at the Etihad because he refused to play in the match as expected.

Messi with his Argentina team mates had been training at the CFA all week and the game was seen as an opportunity for his fans to see him play as he was the reason many of them came in the first place.

Even though he was named on the bench along with Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero for the friendly the Barcelona forward is believed to have been suffering from a hamstring injury according to an insider source within the Argentine Team.
Most of the fans hoped he would be featured in the second half though, as he was spotted in the stand with Sergio Aguero but the pair weren't on pitch for the game but instead sat the game out.

During the second half some fans were hard calling his name ”Messi Messi Messi” still hoping he  would be brought in but he stayed in the stand and the fans showed their disappointment by booing him at the end.
They were all left disappointed after the 30-year-old didn't play a minute eventually.

Other fans who vexed their anger in twitter are shown below 

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