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Why you shouldn’t delete your Facebook account

facebook scandal
Facebook has been involved in a number of horrible issues including the proliferation of hate speech, harassment and propaganda supposed to undermine freedom in democratic establishments. To add up came news that a British political data firm Cambridge Analytica had obtained Facebook data of 50 million Americans. As a result of liberal data sharing regulations Facebook app builders had way back 2014.

This information, which was offered to Cambridge Analytica in opposition to Facebook’s phrases of contract, reportedly informed the firm’s election advert concentrated on toolset utilized by the marketing campaign of President Donald Trump and others.

The fallout of the scandal has been excessive, with several lawsuits, governmental inquiries, and a #DeleteFacebook account boycott campaign which push a sharp drop in facebooks stock price that’s erased almost $50 billion of the business enterprise’s marketplace cap.

But do you really want to deactivate your Facebook account because of these? Well if you feel that Facebook influences your daily life in any manner negatively by using any method available please suspend or even delete your account but understand it won’t make any difference to Facebook.

Facebook users have reached about 2.1 billion internationally. Its boom has plateaued inside the United States, whilst the platform is likewise gaining hundreds of thousands of new customers globally.

And like most worldwide corporations do concentrate its effort on markets like India, Egypt, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil and Mexico. At this cut-edge of increase, it may reach three billion users before the year 2020.

Subscribers from the above countries are obtaining value from Facebook; in some locations, it’s one of the few dependable ways to keep in touch and also a source of information in plenty of these developing countries.

 These facts highlight how Facebook has intermingled with people’s daily life which sounds horrifying. So it’s not logical to tell people to leave the site. So then what should be done?

Calls for legislators and regulators get tougher on social media organizations must instead be initiated. The United States ought to step up legal pressures to protect data. Like the European General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into impact in May, that's supposed to make certain that users apprehend and consent to their data collection and how the statistics is utilized, In that case users won’t have to agree to provide access to their data before starting to use a product.

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