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This World’s Fastest Woman survived a 343 MPH Crash

Valerie Thompson is the first female to exceed three hundred mph on a bike, and thus enshrining her name as the global fastest female on two-wheels, was recently attempting to erase the motorcycle speed world record of 376 mph and crashed at a whopping 343 mph. The accident is captured live in the video below

Amazingly, she got away with only minor bumps and cuts from the accident as the carbon fiber monocoque of the vehicle stayed intact after the crash.

The incident happened at the World Speed Trials taking place on March 19 while racing across the salt flats of Australia’s Lake Gairdner, on her streamlined -wheeler.
Thompson said it was the first time she ever crashed the bike, with which she set the female bike land world record of 328 mph in previous week.

She’s nevertheless still not sure exactly what brought on the accident, however may be going over the retrieved data so as to try understand what took place, even as her team assesses the damage to determine if they are able to get the motorbike lower back together for some other shot at the record during the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah later in the year.

Video:Valerie Thompson survives a 343 MPH Crash in Australia

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