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Japan Discovers Tons of Rear Earth Material that could Last for Ages and compete with China

According to a study published by the Nature Publishing Group's Scientific Reports, researchers comprising of several universities, businesses and government institutions, surveyed the western Pacific Ocean near Minamitori Island and found hundreds of years' worth of rare-earth materials underneath Japanese waters big enough to supply the world on a "semi-infinite basis.

Rare-earth metals are crucial in the making of high-tech products such as electric vehicles and batteries, and most of the world has relied on China for almost all of its needs. The deposit, was found within Japan’s exclusive economic zone waters, and contains more than 16 million tons of the elements.

According to the study at the sample area of the mineral-rich region, the team’s survey an estimated 1.2 million tons of “rare earth oxide” The finding extrapolates that a 2,500-sq. km region off the southern Japanese island could contain 16 million tons of the valuable elements, and “has the potential to supply these metals on a semi-infinite basis to the world,” the study said.

The report confirmed that there are hundreds years of the rare earth reserves in the area surveyed even as the team have developed an efficient method of separate valuable elements from others in the mud.

China presently supplies majority of these materials to the worlds therefore would impact on the supply as the discovery has the potential to supply to the world.

As the world relies heavily on China for rare earths; with Beijing producing most of the elements currently available in the market therefore these discovery is expected to pit both Asia’s powers against each other based on the exclusiveness of the material.

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