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Buying Silver Now Could Make a Huge Profitable Investment Decision

Even as buyers’ attention moves to Gold as a secure investment, Investor can no longer ignore silver which is analytically positioned to outperform other commodities over the next period of years.
 Words from the Silver Institute's 28th Annual World Silver Survey, a global analysis of silver markets, tells the story in black and white.

 Factors that Could Increase Silver Price

 Total supplied 991.6 million ounces of silver become unable to maintain up with general demand of 1,017.6 million oz. though a bit smaller than in current years, the 26 million-ounce shortfall is still considered a good sized.
Demand from commercial silver applications grew by an impressive 4% past 12 months, accomplishing 599 million oz and accounting for almost 60% of general demand. The biggest contributor of that number by is photovoltaic (solar) panels, which required 19% extra silver thanks to a large, 24% surge in international solar panel installations.

Industrial applications like brazing alloy and solder silver increased from 4% yr-over-year to about 57.5 million oz., with China and Japan fueling most of that boom. Even as the car manufacturing sector, silver demand remained strong.
Semiconductor manufacturing was the foremost demand driver inside the electrical and electronics segments, helping those segments notch their first silver demand increase, to 243 million oz., in 2017.
Although Silver used to produce ethylene oxide (mainly for commercial chemicals) and in photography saw decreases past 12 months, though that sector appears to be stabilizing.

Silver ornaments demand rose up by 2% to 209 million oz. With India as the principle contributor, as that nations's volumes rose 7% year over yr.
Demand inside the United States showed a robust 12% growth, recording an all-time high demand. Silverware's demand additionally improved approximately 12%, to about 58.4 million oz.

Demand Cant  Be Met by Mined Supply 

World silver mining output dropped 4.1% to 852.1 million oz. thereby recording consecutive years of decline. A range of mine disruptions inside the Americas and faltering output at primary silver and gold mines caused the about 36.5 million ounces decline.
Guatemala becomes the standout "achiever" within the deliver shortfall, bringing 15.Three million fewer ounces to marketplace while both Peru and China 

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