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Components shortage force Ford halt production of the F-Series pickup

The shortage in component parts could cause the manufacturing of Ford's most profitable vehicle, the F-150 pickup truck to stop. With key parts about to finish, Ford F is pulling the plug on production of its most worthwhile and famous model.
This could result to the 4,000 people, who work at Ford's Dearborn Truck production Plant been laid off, joining the roughly three, six hundred employees at Ford's truck plant in Kansas City who have been informed to take leave earlier this week.

Lack of important components supplied by way of Meridian Lightweight Technologies could well lead both assembly plants to stop producing the F-150 pickup. 

 Production of components used in the instrument panel of the F-150 was stopped because an explosion at Meridian's facility in Easton Rapids, Michigan last Wednesday. The components shortage has also induced Ford to prevent manufacturing of the F-Series Super Duty pickup at its production plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

A Ford employer told CNBC, "We are working closely with the supplier to manage the situation." How much could stopping production of the F-Series hurt Ford and dealers who rely on the popular pickup truck to generate huge sales? That depends on how long the assembly lines are shut down. "It takes 76 days for an F-150 to sell, so the company does have a bit of a cushion," said Ivan Drury, Edmunds senior manager of industry analysis. 

"But when you have a vehicle that comprises a quarter of your company's sales, any production disruption is going to cause some consternation."
Last month Ford sold 73,104 F-Series pickups, with the overwhelming majority of those being the F-150 according to company sales reports.

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