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Mystery of the Disappeared Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Solved? Experts Think So

According to Nine News  Australia a panel of aviation Analyst who has been working to establish the reason behind the vanished Boeing flight MH370, that has remained unsolved since March 2014 believe they have uncovered the Mystery surrounding the disappearance of the flight en route Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers on board.

Ex-Senior investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Larry Vance, said: “I assume most people can take consolation within the fact there is a developing consensus of the plane’s final moments.”
Vance and other experts on the panel, all agree on the suspicion that MH370 captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah committed suicide.

                                              Image courtesy of Yahoo News UK 

They agree with the opinion that he took the flight faraway to a remote part the flight route so the aircraft would disappear from radar. Captain Zaharie controlled the flight to avoid detection through army radar belonging to both Thai and Malaysian forces, based on findings of Boeing 777 pilot Simon Hardy.

“As the plane went across Thailand and Malaysia, it runs down the border, that's wiggling underneath, meaning it’s going in and out of those two countries, that's where their jurisdictions are,” Hardy informed the gathering.
He delivered that if he had been employed to make Boeing 777 disappear, he would “precisely do the same thing”.
“As far as I know, it’s very accurate flying due to the process it was carried out and we recognize, as a reality, that the army did now not come and intercept the aircraft,” he added.

John Dawson, a legal professional who represented the 9 households whose loved ones vanished from MH370 and MH17, agreed that evidence on hand which points to one aircrew member accountable to the incidence.
He said: “The proof is so closely weighted to the involvement of one of the aircrew taking this plane down.
“That plane likely was de-pressurized, making the human beings there die of asphyxiation he said.

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