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Stop doing these if you’re a middle-age or older individuals

According to the Oxford English Dictionary middle age is between 45 and 65
According to one study, the average person believes youth ends at 35 and old age begins at 58.  Therefore, the years in between all 23 of them constitute middle age.

When you get there or if you are there already  you should avoid doing these things in order to keep your health going and have a better relationship with your kids  and others around you

Skip the doctor
Because of the high cost of healthcare, 44% Americans over 40ndidn’t go see a physician last year for routine checkup according to a new survey by the West Health Institute/NORC at the University of Chicago national poll. As the years wear on, your body will begin to break down and systems will start to fray and become worse before you realize it. Therefore it is always advisable to get a checkup at least every two years now if you’ve pasted forty.

Fast Foods
Fast food is cheap, convenient and marketed to us when we’re young, in the hope that we’ll be consumers for life. However at this level in your life you’ve realized that fast food is highly processed and contains large amounts of carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy fats and sodium. These foods are almost always high in calories while offering little in the way of nutrition. Unless you are on a street experience and can’t locate whatever else to consume and are starving. Consuming fast food could be detrimental to the body.

Avoiding the dentist
A trip to the dentist is not usually on anyone’s list of fun things to do but skipping out on cleanings and checkups at the dentist for too many years can capture so much dirt in your middle age and saddle you with expensive root canals, fillings, and crowns, so don’t put it off.

Posting selfies
Social media sites were created to help people connect with each other, and many people use this excuse as the reasoning behind posting selfies of them but you’ve ultimately grown out of this segment of your life so posting selfies of yourself is not advisable when you’ve past your mid-age.

Visit Karaoke
A form of entertainment popular in clubs, at parties, etc, in which individual members of the public sing along to pre-recorded instrumental versions of popular songs, the lyrics of which are displayed for the singer on a screen in time with the music. Men you’re 40, which mean there are better dignified establishments to catch fun than a karaoke bar.

Buy reasonably-priced alcohol
Low-grade liquor was while you had no money in college, however now it’s time to step up to decent booze. Now, there’s no need to splurge on case after case of top shelf liquor and fancy bubbly, but each mature family must have a bar with the fundamentals: first-class whiskey, scotch, vodka, gin, and some mixers and bitters, none of which come in plastic bottles,

Playing video games all night
Playing videogames has become a key strategy for coping with stress, Researchers who quizzed 1,000 millennial gamers has revealed that 55 per cent of those who play videogames do so because it helps them to unwind and relieve stress. But as adults it better to simply make it an occasional element for rainy days or lazy weekends. There’s no need to take a seat down for a session immediately after work and play till the wee hours anymore.

Following your children and their friends on Instagram
If your teens let you follow them on instagram stay in the background (don't comment or "like" their posts unless they want you to), pick your battles, and make sure to address anything important face to face, not on their pages in front of their friends and please don’t follow their friends they will find it honestly creepy if you do.

Couch surf
If your companion kicked you away from bed for the night or you're ill and don’t need to disturb your spouse then sleeping on the sofa is perfect. But for any reason order than this doing so is not the best practice at your age.

Pizza for breakfast
Pizza is the second largest source of sodium in our diets (behind bread and rolls). It’s also the second biggest source of saturated fat in our diets (behind cheese, which is a pizza ingredient).A single triangle of one chain’s pepperoni and sausage mounded over a white crust? It delivers 200 calories, 18% of your daily value for saturated fat, and a mere gram of fiber. Be an adult and make some eggs and toast or a pleasing bowl of fiber-filled oatmeal with antioxidant-rich berries. Your belly will thank you later.

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