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The Legacy of Arsene Wenger 'Things He Will Be Remembered For '

When he arrived in 1996, no one ever heard about "Arsene forward 22 years later, he departs as a household name in world football.

Wenger would be departing Arsenal after their fixture against Huddersfield on Sunday talking about his impending departure, his future and, of course, his life and time as manager of the club.

We look into things he will be remembered for

Wenger went head-to-head with Alex Ferguson and Manchester United to assist created a fine, ruthless and most exhilarating competition in Premier League history.

 He brought 19-year-old Patrick Vieira from AC Milan and discovered Nicolas Anelka before selling him to Real Madrid for £22 million money which he used to build a training ground

He bought another young Frenchman Theiry Henry who was struggling to make his mark in Italy and turned him into one of the best strikers in premier league history.

Is him who guided Arsenal to two Doubles doing it by winning the title at Old Trafford and White Hart Lane.

He took Arsenal through a whole long season without losing a game Arsenal were unbeaten from the first game of the season until the last.

He's the man who failed to realize a way to instruct defense but who someway set a Champions League record for the amount of time without conceding a goal with a back four of Emmanuel Eboue, Kolo Toure, Philippe Senderos and Mathieu Flamini.

He kept Arsenal in top four with minimal expenses and with players you look at in hindsight while big money poured into other clubs.

His competitive advantages knowledge of the foreign transfer market, early fitness and conditioning gains help create a team competing at the top level.

Wenger while during frustrating years, he managed to set record by becoming the most successful FA Cup manager of all time with seven wins to his name.

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