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Want to live long life without disease? Follow these Habits to add 10 more Years to your Life

Researchers from Harvard University say they’ve figured out habits that might result to living longer. According the research released lately by  Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, which pinpointed  habits that may also sound obvious, however if adopt could lead to one living for a decade or more.

For instance, achieving the advocated BMI might be tough for starters because the average BMI for the average man has risen to 28.6, up from 25.1 where it was in the early 60s then when anything above 24.9 is considered obese and a BMI over 30 is seen as being obese.

The researchers analyzed a data range of 34 years 78,000 for ladies and 27 years data statistics from over 44,000 guys. The final result of the study state that females who adopted those outlined behaviors could see an increase of 14 years to their lifespan while men would add 12 years to their life.

Additionally Men and ladies who keep to these practices are 82% much less likely to die from cardiovascular disorders and 65% much less possibly to die from most cancers in comparison with those who follow unhealthy lifestyle over the period of 30 years consistent with the published research online journal.
These habits are categorized into five that when done together, could add more than a decade to your life expectancy.

The study recommends that you:

• Make sure to eat healthy food

• Endeavour to exercise at least 30 minutes everyday

• Maintain a body mass index of between 18.5 and 24.9

• Avoid or regulate alcohol intake if possible not more than 5 oz. glass of wine per day for females and two glasses for men.

• Quit smoking or never smoke

There are other factors to consider not listed if you want to add more years to your life, but those stated above are the most common ones for people who are willing to adopt change worldwide.
Along with exercising and eating nutritious meals, people who have active social lifestyles must try to get enough sleep. As the studies also suggest insufficient sleep leads to hypertension, diabetes and obesity while also indicating that more than 40% adults globally suffer from loneliness, which is linked to depression, dementia, anxiety and cardiovascular diseases.

 Apart from all these, looking ahead and imagining how you’ll feel when you’ve accomplished the started lifestyle goals means that you’re never going to be out of shape, overweight, or feel too old due to healthy changes applied to your life.

Finally, we suggest you don’t do it alone invite your friends and family members to join you so that people around you can vibrate positive energy while trying to revamp their lifestyles.

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