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Did Manchester United Star Paul Pogba break up with girl friend?

Paul Pogba’s reported 23 YEARS old Stunning girlfriend Maria Salaues who was last spotted at the Theatre of Dreams, wearing a black leather jacket, baseball cap and scarf seem to have broken up with him.

The Manchester United midfielder who recently in a bizarrely interview with Esquire said that his mother is his girlfriend since he’s known to be close with his family, two of his brothers - Mathias and Florentin - are also professional footballers. However, it seems as if his strongest relationship is with his mother.

Pogba told Esquire when asked whether he had a girlfriend "No. My girlfriend now is my mum he said "At the moment, I cannot give that love to someone. I want to be focused on football and the world cup in Russia first then after that, when it's the right time I will date the right woman.

Pogba also spoke of his less than privileged upbringing and revealed how as a child he shared one bed with his siblings, even though he enjoyed the experience.

Meanwhile Maria Instagram account show noting of Pogba only her pictures modeling, swimwear, exercising in the gym and relaxing by the pool side.

Video of Pogba with then girl friend  Maria Salaues 

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